One of the most important skills that we can develop that will improve our daily life is self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the cornerstone of a healthy life.  Not only does it help us develop healthy lifestyle habits, but it affects how we feel about the way we live our life as a whole.

Everyone feels good when they know that they are doing good things for themselves and others.

Probably one of the biggest hurdles with self-discipline is the word “discipline.” Just saying it can be painful.

Discipline really does not have to be painful or difficult. You can start by taking small actions and only one at a time until it becomes something that really makes you feel good that you are doing it.

Let us say for example that you want to lose a little weight or get in better shape. You do not have to sign up at the gym and begin a 5-day a week program. What if you walked around the block once a day for a week, and then increased it to two times a day for two weeks and slowly over 90 days worked up to walking around the block four times a day?

It really starts with finding your motivation. What is the reason that you want to lose weight or get in shape? Is that reason strong enough to give you the motivation to take a “tiny” step each day in the right direction?

We need to remember that we have choices and one of them is to say “no” to things that will distract us from accomplishing things to make our life happier and healthier.

We do have the strength to say “yes“ to the right things, no matter how small, each day, to head us in the direction that we want to go.  And when we do we are winning.

It is a known fact that when people make a plan with small, simple steps to get to the goals they have they are more likely to reach them because they are achievable for them personally. You need to listen to your heart and know what you are willing to commit to it as you move towards living a better life.

You don’t need to make this hard, just do something to head yourself in the right direction today and then do it again tomorrow and every day after that!

Remember, a baby step is better than no step at all.

Be well,


The Virtual Practice Management Institute