I have been reading the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, it is an excellent book if you want to continue to improve yourself one day at a time.

I want to share just a paragraph from the book that I found to be a quite powerful reminder.

“Time magnifies the margin between success and failure.  It will multiply whatever you feed it.  Good habits make time your ally.  Bad habits make time your enemy.

Habits are a double-edged sword.  Bad habits can cut you down just as easily as good habit can build you up, which is why understanding the details is crucial.  You need to know how habits work and how to design them to your liking, so you can avoid the dangerous half of the blade.”

 What a great reminder that if we want continuous improvement that we need to continue daily to not only develop good habits, but to do them.

Time passes so quickly and even a small bad habit will grow over time and become the ”dangerous half of the blade” before we know it.

“The trick to success is to choose the right habit and bring just enough discipline to establish it.” -Gary Keller and Jay Papasa

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