Stress, Burnout and Saying No

According to a survey of employees by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), between 40-50% have reported that their job is “very” stressful and 26% report frequent burnout or stress from their employment.  Those are pretty high figures that are occurring on a regular basis.

As we know stress can cause all types of emotional and physical problems.  It is obvious by these figures why so many people do not do their best at work.  Even in a small business there will be stressful times and the more people who are working in stressful conditions under one roof, the higher the stress and burnout rate.

There are specific approaches we can take to help reduce stress in the work place.  One such approach could be to talk with those you work with and let them know about the stress you are feeling and find out if they also are feeling stressed.

This will help you to keep things in perspective, as some people get stressed out easier than others.   It may also help to hear how others are handling the same situation that you are in.  Strive to work as a team for balance and understanding in order to more easily respond to a workload, which may vary from day to day.

Open communication is a real good way of reducing that stressful feeling.  If you can communicate how you feel and why, often this lifts that tightness between your shoulders and also lets your supervisors or coworkers know how stressful work can be for you.

Talk to each other about being able to say “No” to some things that just may tip you over the edge.   All employees need to have that “balanced” feeling in their job duties if possible, this is a vital key in making work more enjoyable.

When you feel that you have no choice and have to accept more than you can handle you start to spiral downward.   Remember to take time for a few deep breaths and a walk on your break. Walking is a good way to break that stressed feeling.  It is self-awareness and self-management that will help you to feel better.  You might want to suggest a time to talk about this important topic with your work team.  You definitely will be glad you did.


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