If your job includes overseeing others to make sure tasks to run the business are getting done, then you really want to have people on your team that are engaged in order to get the best performance from them.

One of the first things that comes to our mind when we hear the word “engaged” is a couple who want to be wed.  The engagement is a commitment that each of them are making to one another that they both want to become a couple who wish to be married.  They have pledged themselves to one another and are entering a contract together forever.

At work when employees become “engaged” it is similar as above, they have made a commitment to their manager, employer, and organization.  In order for this to happen, they first must feel valued, trusted, and respected.

As with personal relationships when one of the above three feelings is violated or broken the relationship will suffer and possibly end.  The same will happen in the workplace and most likely it will take less to break the engagement than if it were a personal relationship.

One of the key components to keeping employees “engaged” is how they are treated on a daily basis.  How their manager or employer performs consistently will make or break employee relationships with them and the overall organization.

If you are a manager or employer and want to create a productive, engaged, workforce you might want to check into performance training so you can be the best for your team and they will want to become engaged to do their best for you and the organization.

Top Practices Practice Management – Tina Del Buono