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Creating Value In Employees

All employers want great employees. Yet it seems that a lot of the employers I speak to their number one issue is employee problems. What I find interesting is that I rarely hear employers talk about how great their employees are and it makes me wonder if the employees know what value they have in […]

How Are Your Customers Treated?

Every business depends on customers of some type.  Without them they would no longer be in business.  It is highly important that business owners hire the right person to represent their company as these are the people who are going to be serving their customers in some capacity. The other day a colleague and I […]

Strengthening Employees

When I notice that one of my staff has a problem they are dealing with, I want to step in to help them fix it (make things better for them).  Training and helping them is part of my job as a manager.  Stepping in all of the time is not the right thing to do […]

Responding To Employee Needs

Yesterday’s post presented that great managers/employers use active listening skills when communicating with their employees to obtain greater understanding. Having heard what your employees have said, more often than not, will require a response from you.  Second on the list of attributes great managers/employers have is: * Responding to employees as soon as possible when […]

Co-workers Who Weigh The Team Down

    One of the most difficult types of co-workers to have is one that does not carry his or her portion of the workload in the office.  We all have days when we move a bit slower, but this type of co-worker is like this on a regular basis. For example: they wait for […]