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Colliding Coworkers

I have said it many times before today, when you are working with people you will always have people problems.  There is just no getting around it.  If it is not personalities that “rub” then it will be  work styles, general attitude or beliefs. We are humans and we are different, this is a wonderful […]

Workplace Confrontations

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock the stream always wins.  Not through strength, but through persistence.” ~ Unknown When confrontation in the workplace used to happen I would get very upset and flustered which hindered my communication.  I would stammer, stumble and shake and it made matters worse.  Some confronters are very […]

Say No To Gossip

It really doesn’t matter where you work, if  you work with other people you will deal with the issue of gossip.  Gossip infiltrates the workplace, the home, church, and the organizations you are involved with.  It is something that happens and it is something that can be very harmful to those involved. There is just […]

The 24 hour Rule of Discipline For The Office

I have always believed in using the 24 hour rule when it comes to handling either discipline or sensitive issues in the office with staff personnel and so far it has been the right thing to do.  If you have never heard of the 24 hour rule, let me explain. Let’s say that you have […]

Dealing With Disruptive Employees

A few weeks ago we had a sudden warm up of  our weather we decided it was just to nice not to eat outside, but once we sat down at the table we were instantly attacked by dozens of flies.  We had not had a problem like this all spring, but apparently since it had […]

“How Should You Tell Employees What To Do”

At times it can be very difficult to be the “boss” when it comes to managing employees and making sure that the tasks they are required to do get done. If issues arise and you need to remind them of their tasks you want to handle it in a manner that shows you mean business, […]