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Making A Great Impression With Excellent Customer Service

Since I work in the patient/customer service business I am always on the lookout for great examples of it to share with others in the office or in lectures, because I know we grow and change by learning and implementing good ideas in our workplace. I usually am on the look-out for examples of good […]

Becoming A Mentoring Manager

There are many different management styles, some seem to work better in certain situations than others and some just don’t seem to work too well at all. Take for instance the Autocratic management style, not too many people really like working for a dictator, but in some cases with certain people having someone dictate to […]

Employee Engagement

Surveys have shown that one key factor to keeping employees long-term is by keeping them engaged in the job that they are performing with the organization. More satisfied employees become engaged, long-term employees.  So employee satisfaction needs to be number  one on the employer/employee list of things to do. Communication with your employees is the […]

Your #1 Marketing Tool, Customer Service

The number one item on the list of marketing and making a business grow is customer service.  If you have poor customer service in your place of business,  your bottom line will definitely show it. While it is not always easy to get the buy-in from all team members to give great customer service, it […]