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Becoming A Better Me

The theme of “becoming a better person” has been popping up in everything I have been reading or listening to lately.  It is a fact that most people want to better themselves on a continual basis.  It can be overwhelming as to where one should begin and also it is easy to get stuck there […]

What Price Are You Willing To Pay?

  What one simple, single, easy-to-do activity can you do, day in and day out, that will have the greatest impact on your health; your personal development; your relationships; your finances; and your life itself? Examine what they mean to you and where your dreams lie in each; and then lay out for yourself your […]

The Bigger Question is…

It’s Friday and as I look back over the week I feel pretty good about my accomplishments. I caught up on my work, read a little bit and was able to find time to get my blog posts done. One thing that I began again this week was getting up before dawn and getting to […]

You Get Out What You Put In

Nothing is free. We have to work at, and for, anything we wish to achieve success in. Relationships, goals, and our career all need to be worked on a daily basis. It is the effort we put in each day, little by little, that will result in, over time, the success we are looking for. […]

What Do You Need To Move Ahead?

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”                                      —Eleanor Roosevelt Today I wanted to share with you a little about a book that I am reading that has captured my attention.  It […]