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Search, Expectation & Opportunity

SEO… Search, Expect, Opportunity… So often we spend much of our time thinking about us, the way things are affecting us, and what we want to happen. What if we each took today, just to look at those we spend time with and admire something about them.  If you search I am sure you will […]

Are You Ready?

Do you ever have days like this when you know you need to get ready, but you allow distractions to keep you from doing so?  Just watch this makes me anxious because he is not getting ready.  All of those “A” type personalities out there will understand what I mean.  Happy Friday to you all […]

Could I Be A Better Co-Worker?

When traveling around the country lecturing to office managers and administrative and clinical staff members, I can always count on hearing about difficulties between co-workers and their managers. We are with our co-workers more waking hours than we are with our family members at home.  We have difficulties with family from time to time, so […]

Acting On Hearsay

Recently I have had a few different encounters where someone has given me information about another person, organization or business that was negative.  Not that at times we should not warn another about a bad experience or outcome that we have had, but with my encounters they wanted me to actually take some action on […]

Business Opportunities and Standards

I am visiting my Aunt this week on the east coast and had the opportunity today to get my hair done by a local salon that was owned by a man I will call Danny.  I always enjoy going to different places of business so that I can experience how they conduct business and possibly […]