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What Does It Take To Be A Successful Coach?

Coaching a team, whether it is a work team or sports team can be difficult and rewarding and sometimes both in the same day.  Getting the players in the right positions, providing them instruction and training to carry out their position takes time and patience on the coach’s part. Successful coaches take time to prepare. […]

The 24 hour Rule of Discipline For The Office

I have always believed in using the 24 hour rule when it comes to handling either discipline or sensitive issues in the office with staff personnel and so far it has been the right thing to do.  If you have never heard of the 24 hour rule, let me explain. Let’s say that you have […]

Choosing to be an “Value-Added” Employee

We may not think that we have many choices when it comes to going to work each day and the job that we do, but in-fact we have many choices. The first is our attitude in which we will do our job that day, it can vary throughout the day, but we always have the […]

Cell Phone Etiquette In A Business, What Is Your Policy?

We have been thinking of putting up a sign in our office with cell phone restrictions for our patients while they are in the office.  Is this right or not? Let me explain to you what happened today and maybe you can help me decide…I still have a hard time believing it happened. I took […]

The Cost of Unhealthly Employees

There is a big cost to a business when employees are ill or unhealthy.  There is lost production with absenteeism, but also when employees don’t feel well they are less productive which is even more costly because it take them longer to complete their job tasks.  When a task that may have taken 15 minutes […]