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Looking To Get The Best From Your Employees?

If you are a business owner or manager and have people who work for you in your business you have probably asked yourself more than once, “How can I get the best out of my employees when they are at work?”  I hear this question often when working or speaking with business owners. All business […]

Do Your Employees Know The Businesses Vision?

A few years ago a colleague sent me a link to an article on the Forbes website called “Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail to Keep Their Best Talent.” I found this recently and read it again. As I read through the 10 reasons, I clearly understood that the reasons they gave not only […]

The Necessity of a Good Job Description

Are job descriptions necessary? This is a good question, and for many places of business none exist. How many jobs can you think of that have more steps than making widgets on a manufacturing line? It might be okay to not have a detailed job description if the job tasks are very few; “take peg […]

How To Change Your Life

“Live out your imagination, not your history” ~ Stephen Covey I mentioned early this week that I had the opportunity to speak at a conference last week in Florida. Not only was this a great experience for me as a presenter, but it was a wonderful experience for me as an individual to soak up […]

Do You Choose To Complain?

Have you ever wonder what the ratio is between complaining and being thankful was?  I know that I hear more complaints from the people I come in contact with than thanks.  Do people focus more on bad things? I Googled around and the most popular answer to that question is that negative things have more […]