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Make Me Think Friday…

As I was surfing the internet looking for interesting stories I came upon a blog called Marc and Angel Hack Life.  They had a post that drew my attention called “101 short stories that will leave you smiling, crying and thinking.” This post came from their sister site “Make Me Think” (MMT) where people post […]

Life Is Too Short Not To Experience Greatness!

Go for the gusto!  Reach for the stars or whatever you think will take you to the place of passion and peace in your life.  Each day brings the opportunity to reach out, grab and run with the best that you can be.  Do not wait….for not one of us knows how much time we […]

Are You Ready?

Do you ever have days like this when you know you need to get ready, but you allow distractions to keep you from doing so?  Just watch this makes me anxious because he is not getting ready.  All of those “A” type personalities out there will understand what I mean.  Happy Friday to you all […]

Pay It Forward

What a touching video.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone would “pay it forward” every now and then?

What Type Of Power Do You Have As A Manager

In the “Harvard Business Review book on Motivating People” they address management factors and what makes a good, successful manager.  They discuss what they call “The Power Factor” and that the most successful managers have this power factor. Now this really caused me to lift an eyebrow at first because as a manager I never liked the […]