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Called to Leadership?

Yesterday Trevor Nagle, ABD, on his blog Leadership Musings of a Skeptical Positivist, had a great article regarding leadership.  (I have posted the link below to his blog) Trevor addresses how a person who is a “Producer” at work can be mistaken as one who is called to be a “Leader.”  This actually happens often […]

You Get Out What You Put In

Nothing is free. We have to work at, and for, anything we wish to achieve success in. Relationships, goals, and our career all need to be worked on a daily basis. It is the effort we put in each day, little by little, that will result in, over time, the success we are looking for. […]

The 5 C’s of Success

Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.  ~Author Unknown I posted this story some time ago and felt that it was worth repeating, it was a good reminder for me to read it again.  Wishing you a great weekend! I found this great story about listening to others […]

Recovering From Setbacks

“How you rebound from a setback speaks volumes about who you are.” ~ Unknown Setbacks are just part of life. They come in all sizes and varying levels of impact. It is important when we encounter small setbacks to get ourselves on the road to recovery quickly. There are three key steps to get the […]

Keeping It Simple At Work

Southwest Airlines recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary of being in business,  If you have never read about their history it is very interesting, the foundation of the company is built on integrity and values. In their anniversary issue of “Spirit” magazine they have an article titled “40 Lessons Learned From Southwest” it covers multiple areas […]