Take Care of Your New Employees

 Having just hired a new employee  has brought back many memories of what it is like being the new kid on the block.  The tasks we take as being simple can be overwhelming to them.  We must remember to be considerate of how they may be feeling during this time of on-boarding and take the extra steps to make them feel welcome and to let them know that you feel they are up to the challenge of all of the new things they have to learn.   Remind them they were picked over all of the rest of the candidates that were interviewed and that you know they have what it takes.

I recently was talking to a friend who just got hired at a law firm and was told that their training program was top-notch.  Once her initial orientation was completed, she has been pretty much left to figure things out for herself.  She has become so disenchanted with what she thought was going to be her dream job.

Management personnel need to be aware that the “honeymoon period” for new hires is so vitally important to keeping those that we hired feeling like valued employees.  It is a proven fact that companies with good, extensive training programs have a higher employee retention rate and happier employees because they know what is expected of them and have been trained to complete it.

Make sure you keep you new hires (and all employees) in the light, knowing that they have been given the best training and tools to complete the jobs that they have been hired to do.

Are your training programs ones that make new hires excited about coming to work each day so that they can learn to be the employee that you and they desire to be?

Here is an article to remind you what not to do to turnoff your new hires.  Encourage them and watch the light switch on as you do!


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