Great workplace teams do not just happen even when you have hired the best people to be on the team.  Great teams are built over time.  It takes the people on the team time to get to know and trust each other.  They need to be able to understand who each team member is and be willing to accept their strengths and weaknesses.

Team coaches need to be patient, provide encouragement and be totally devoted to the growth of the team.

If your mission is to create a healthy team environment here are five great team building strategies that can help you to build a strong team.

1. First and foremost the leadership of the business needs to be committed to the team and be able to communicate to the team the culture that they want to have.  They need to lead by example.  If this doesn’t happen then you cannot expect to have that “Team Environment.”

2. Communication by all team members needs to be open, honest and respectful to one another and to those you serve in your place of business.

3. Team members must be allowed to be creative in accomplishing the goals of the business. Their viewpoints need to be taken in to consideration and implemented if they fit the overall workplace culture.

4. Business owners and management need to be able to cultivate team participation, leadership, along with valuing the uniqueness of each team member.

5. Team effort is recognized and rewarded for any and all goals that are set and reached.  Do not forget to reward team members for being caught doing “good” the right things.  Surprise praise is always a great motivator to team members.

By implementing these team growing strategies you will find that your team will begin building bonds between each other.  They will start to become more creative, and they will feel more job satisfaction.

Team building is rewarding and should be fun.  The link below has some great fun team building activities that you should take a look at.  I found a couple that I am going to try with my team.

Team Building Activities