This quote from Mel Robbins is so true. I work a lot with small business owners, some are very successful, and some are not, at least in their eyes. When I have conversations with those whom are not as successful as they would like to be about their vision for their business and the plan to execute it, I usually get the same type of answer. Which is some sort of excuse or hesitation as to why they have not been able to achieve their goals.

Reaching goals takes time, perseverance, and possibly many failures along the way, but we must never stop moving in the right direction of our vision. Many times, I personally have experienced setbacks and difficult obstacles, they have not changed my vision, but if I hesitate too long and ponder them, I can become derailed and have a course change that delays what my real intention was.
If you have a goal of what you want to achieve and have been hesitating with it or even possibly put it on a shelf for a while, maybe it’s time to take it down, dust it off and set it in front of you again and move towards.

The way is there, you just have to keep taking steps and the path will become clearer.

Happy Monday!

Stay safe out there 🙂