The Art of Customer/Patient Service

While people need and want products or services they are looking for memorable experiences when doing so.  All businesses if they wish to survive and grow must become players of these experiences.

The key factor in providing quality service that exceeds our guests’ (or patients in my case as I manage a Medical Practice) expectations is to provide ongoing training for your staff and to develop a culture that focuses on creating memorable experiences for the customers (patients) you see every day.

Five key factors for building a performance culture to create memorable experiences:

  • Everyone must understand and feel connected to the culture.  It must align with their values.
  • Make it global; everyone must buy into the fact that customer (patient) experiences are number one.
  • Performance must be measurable to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Provide continued training and coaching for staff to ensure the magic stays alive
  • All members of the staff must participate in working together to come up with creative ways to make the practice experience an amazing one.

It is important to realize that a medical practice is a business that provides services and products and you are in the customer (patient) service business.  Each encounter with a customer or potential customer is vital, you must make sure you and your staff members are really “present” during their visits.

These points may sound a little familiar to you and that is because they are part of the culture that Walt Disney has built into their extraordinary theme parks and hotels. The book “Be Our Guest” Perfecting the Art of Customer Service is full of information that you can use to transform your business service and create customers or patients that want to come back again and again and bring their family and friends.

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