It’s Friday and as I look back over the week I feel pretty good about my accomplishments. I caught up on my work, read a little bit and was able to find time to get my blog posts done. One thing that I began again this week was getting up before dawn and getting to the gym. It has been a few months since I have been there. Even though my body doesn’t feel great at this point, because of the aches and pains of getting back in shape, my mind feels fantastic. I like getting back into my regular routine.

I do some of my best thinking at the gym when I am working out. It is great think time. On Wednesday out of the blue this thought came to my mind while pushing weights; “What will people remember me for when I am gone?” This is such a great question to ponder because it stirs the coals of your mind. What impact do you want to have on this world?

Jeff Olson author of The Slight Edge, states: ” I use to ask people to think about their careers, their social and community activities, and their spiritual lives as distinct, different areas, much like their health and finances. I have come to look at this a little differently; I have realized that I would rather ask a larger question that embraces all these – career, social impact and spiritual life – as well as many others: What do you want your life to mean?”

This is the biggest area of all, because it includes all the others. Don’t let its sheer size and scope intimidate you. After all, what we’re looking for here is simple, little things you can do every day – things that are easy to do, as they are not to do. The key is not to spend too much time on this. Do the thing and you shall have the power. Go ahead: take a pencil in hand and sketch it out. Remember, it’s your life; what would you like it to mean?”

If you haven’t read The Slight Edge yet I encourage you to do so.

I ask myself at the end of each day “do I feel good about what I personally did today?” If the answer is yes, then I am happy. Knowing how you want to be remembered helps you to keep in line with your goals and values of what that vision is. Just a little bit each day in the right direction will get you there in the end.

Have a great weekend and if you haven’t thought about the above, you might want to take a walk or do a workout and give it some thought…