Playing the balancing game of life can be pretty difficult.  We want to give our all at work and at home.  If it were just these two areas that we needed to keep in balance it might not be so difficult.

There are four areas in life that we need to keep in balance in order to be successful and achieve living the life we desire.

The term “The Four Pillars of Life” refers to;

1. Work

2. Relationships/family/home life

3. Spiritual Life (whatever that means to you)

4. Health/Self

Think of yourself as a table and each of the legs as one of the pillars.  If the legs are all equal the table stands firm.  If one leg is shorter or longer the table becomes unbalanced.

It is the same with our lives, if we spend too much time on our work, we are short-changing ourselves in another pillar’s area.

Most often we end up short in the pillar of Health/Self, and this should be the one pillar that we take care of first.  If we do allow time for self, we will not be able to do the best we can in the other three pillars of our life.

Putting Health and Self first allows us to move forward.  We cannot create a positive mental attitude (PMA) if we do not take care of ourselves.

Keeping these for pillars standing firm and equal can prove to be quite a feat.  We all know on occasion we may invest in one area more than another. It becomes a problem if that is the norm.  Such as spending too much time invested in work and short-changing our home and family pillar.

Continually making yourself aware of how your table is standing is a wise thing to do.  Are all of your legs even?  If you were to set a glass of water on your table would it stay in the middle or would it slide to one edge?