This morning at the gym I was talking to a young woman who told me that she was going to be getting her resume updated and start looking for a new job.  I knew she really did liked the job she had so I was a bit surprised and asked her why was she thinking of leaving her current job.  She told me that the company she worked for, who was privately owned  when she started working there in the past year sold to a larger corporation, and for some reason because of this her manager had become pretty much intolerable.  She said she knew he was probably under a lot of pressure, but the way he treated her and the other employees was really unacceptable.  Her top four complaints were as follows;

1. She was promised a raise prior to the company being sold and now she was told by her manager that another employee was being paid too much so she was out of luck for getting that raise.

2. When employees go to the manager with an issue to discuss, he will just stare into his computer screen and not look at them or really give them any type of answer, so they walk away, and they can see he is very stressed.

3. The manager feels that all employees, including new ones, should just be able to figure out what their job is without being told, given instructions, or direction and if they can’t they should be let go and he has verbalized this to the employees, thus creating fear and anxiety for the employees.

4. There is no encouragement from their manager anymore, only criticism, a demanding attitude and no real caring about how the employees feel.

It was very sad to hear her talk about what was happening in her company, especially since I knew that she and the other employees use to really enjoy going to work each day and most of them had worked together for several years and also knew each other on a personal level.

I have heard this statement many times “People leave their managers not the company” and this was exactly what was happening to my friend.  A Gallup poll taken of  more than 1 million U.S. workers showed that the number one reason people left their job was because of a bad manager or supervisor.  That is pretty sad if you ask me.  Why is this happening?  Don’t companies care enough to make sure their managers are doing their job in the correct way?  The major responsibilities of a manager’s job is making sure that the employees are happy, have a great work environment, are listened to and trained well.

Do these companies realize how much it costs them to fire, rehire and train a new employee, especially if that employee has been with them for a couple of years and  is a good worker?  They are losing thousands upon thousands of dollars for each employee lost.

The link below is to a great article on this topic.  Whether you are a manager or not, take the time to read the statistics in these articles they may surprise you.  I would like to hear what you think and what you do as a manager to make sure you are not responsible for making employees leave your company.  Or if you are an employee tell us how your manager is doing, we can learn from each other.

“Life is too short to work in a bad environment” ~ T. Totaro