Paying it forward is becoming a cultural trend for many people. Taking the time to do something nice or helpful for others because we want to speaks volumes to what our true character is.

Not too long ago we posted a video about Paying it Forward Jayden Lamb Style. An incredible story about a young boy who died and the lesson his town learned from his short life.

My Aunt Dollie is one of those rare people who has made “paying it forward” her way of life. She does it so effortlessly because it is who she is.

She was the first of her family to graduate from college and became a kindergarten teacher. She went on to be an elementary school administrator, Head Start Director in California and then an Early Childhood specialist in the California State Department of Education.

Following her passion to be an advocate for children and the education that they deserved she took a position as a Federal civil servant in Washington, DC, as Chief of Education, Head Start Bureau.DSC04445

Dollie retired several years ago, but has not stopped investing in children. Just last week she had the wonderful opportunity to “pay it forward” to a group of 2nd grade students. After eating a good breakfast of green eggs and ham she appeared at their classroom as The Cat In The Hat! She spent time reading and encouraging the children to do well in their studies.

Investing in others whether in our communities or workplace is so important in keeping goodwill moving forward.

What can you do today to “pay it forward” to someone? We would love to hear what you came up with.

Have a great Friday!