The Winds Of Change Will Blow

Yesterday, my daughter sent me a text while she was at work.  This was unusual, so I knew that something had to be either really good or not so good.  She told me her boss whom she has known for several years was let go.

The small company she works for was sold a couple of years ago and changes have been happening, but this one caught even her boss by surprise.  He told her he had a slight feeling something might happen to his position, but since he had been with the company for so long, he never thought that he would be asked to leave.

She was upset and angry over this event. However, she wanted to handle it properly so as not to jeopardize her own position.  She does not understand why the new company would do such a thing when the business is doing quite well.  She feels very bad for her boss and his family and she feels like work will not be the same.

I could only tell her change is difficult and she needed to ride out the feelings and emotions she is having now.  When things like this happen at work it is difficult to make the “best” of it, but it is necessary.  I told her not to hold this against the new owners, they must have their reason and I am sure she will find out what it is very soon.

She may not be happy with their decision, but she has to remember she is hired to do a job and she needs to continue to do it to her best ability.  I left her with the motherly words of wisdom “Look for the positive and do not be negative. Life has so many interesting roads that you will travel down, take in the scenery and try to enjoy the ride, as there is much to learn.”

Happy Monday, I hope you enjoy your ride today whichever way the wind blows!

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