Whether you are a business owner, supervisor, or manager there is one thing that you all should clearly understand very well; to recognize and reward those who work well together. When all of the wheels are moving along the highway in the same direction, the day is going well.

Finding people who work together well can be a difficult task. Once you have a great working team you will want to keep them inspired. When we reward people with things that are meaningful to them we are encouraging them to keep the great behavior up. We are also showing them that they are valued and have worth to the business.

Author, John Maxwell, came up with the following list of the Top Ten Rewards for employees:

1. Money. Money does talk, it tells an individual how valuable they are to whoever pays their salary.

2. Recognition. People need continual affirmation so they know they are meeting a need and doing it well.

3. Time off. Everyone appreciates being given a little time off. If an employee has worked extra hard being given a Friday afternoon off will be a great treat.

4. A piece of the action. Not all of us have the opportunity of profit sharing within a company, but we can pass on additional responsibility for work well done.

5. Favorite work. Reward good work by assigning people tasks they enjoy doing.

6. Advancement. Allow only your producers to advance and move forward, not your workers.

7. Freedom. Give producers the autonomy to do their jobs in the way they feel most comfortable.

8. Personal growth opportunities. Reward your people with the opportunity of further career education.

9. Special time together. If you are the leader, boss or manager, take time to socialize over a meal in order to affirm someone’s productivity.

10. Gifts. Your thoughtfulness in taking time to select a gift that would be meaningful shows a productive person that you appreciate them.

This is a great list of ways that we can show those who do a great job at work that their efforts are appreciated. I am sure that they are more ways to show appreciation than just these 10 listed above.

What other ways have you either shown appreciation for your employees or have been shown appreciation, that you could add to this list?

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in other belong to us as well.” ~ Voltaire