In talking with managers many times I find that they think training is a drag or pain. It takes too much time and they often have complaints about their employees whether they are new or old in the “lack of how they catch on.”

I know that training takes time and often we as managers have too much on our plates to begin with. But that is no reason to look at training as a pain. When you take this type of attitude you are not going to be the best trainer for your employees to learn from.

What if you look at training as an opportunity to invest in others that are going to eventually make your job and the workplace a better one? This is what it really is about. When you can enjoy teaching others much differently than if they realize that you do not want to be training them.

If you do not care about them and do not provide a great learning experience then what do you think that makes them feel like and think? About you and about the business?

When you train someone you are sharing your knowledge with them. You are giving them the opportunity to be a great employee. If you care it will show, if you do not it will show as well and your employee probably will not stay.

Having a good training program is essential in growing great employees. Job tasks, descriptions and protocols are necessary to make the training program successful. But the most important key element to successful training is the trainer’s willingness to train and having a great attitude while doing it.

Happy Thursday!