Effective leadership is one of the necessary ingredients to make a business run more efficiently and to create a great work environment.  I know what you are probably thinking, I really don’t have time to think about leadership I need to run a business.   This is true but if you really want a business that customers want to come to and employees that want to come back day after day to help you then you cannot afford not to address the issue of effective leadership.

What defines a good leader? Leading people is the opposite of controlling them.  A workplace team needs leadership in order to develop, grow and perform better as a whole, personally and as a team.  The business owner does not necessarily have to be the leader, but someone does.

Team members learn by example.  The leader is one of the most watched people in the business.  His or her behavior influences everyone else’s.  When the leader sets the right example, the chances are greatly increased that the team members will follow the lead in the right direction.

When the leader sets the wrong example, their actions speak louder than words and the team may follow those unwanted actions.

What the leader does do more than what they say shows the team what kind of leader they actually are.  The team members will not rise to the top but will settle to the level of the leader and not grow themselves if the wrong example is demonstrated day-in-and-day-out.

Everyone makes mistakes and when the leader makes a mistake they need to apologize and let the team know that they were wrong and also let them know what they should have done instead.  Transparency is essential in a leadership role; how else will employees know that it is okay for them to be transparent also?  Transparency builds trust between people.

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