When was the last time you really cleaned your desk?  I don’t mean straightened it up.  When did you take everything off of it and clean the whole desk.  How about your keyboard, mouse and stapler?

A study done by the University of Arizona reveals some startling facts about how much bacteria is found on workplace desks.  The study states the average desk was found to have 10 million germs on its surface…that’s amazing!  They also report that 80% of the germs were transmitted by hand.

Clorox or other anti-bacterial wipes  is one of the answers to keeping our work area as bacteria free as possible.  Good hand washing techniques and hand sanitizer will also help.  We keep a pump at each workstation and bathroom for use.

Believe it or not one of the biggest things you can do to keep bacterial down at your workstation is not to eat at your desk.  Next time you open that granola bar while typing on your computer think about what you could be breeding on your desk.

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