Unsatisfied With Your Job

Last night I had dinner with a friend who is an executive for a vendor that our business purchases from.  As the evening progressed she began to share some of her frustrations and concerns she has with her current job.  She has been with this company for less than two years.

When she was hired she was led to believe that the company was headed down a road that she was willing to invest in and looked forward to helping the company  grow in this direction.

Now 1 1/2 years later she has realized that the company is no further ahead than they were when she was hired.  This is a concern to her and her future.

Although the department that she oversees is producing a nice profit, the company itself is not doing well in many of the other departments and it is not looking good for the company overall.

She is beginning to explore what she should do about her future, is it with this company or does she need to look for another prospective business to work for in order to have a job for the next 10 + years.

The thought of working at a job that you actually liked, but were not able to move forward, backward or any place in between sounded a bit more like being in a trap to me.

There were three points that she was keeping in her mind as she continued to work for this company and  think things through as she tried to make her decision on what to do about her future.

1. I only have to  work 14 more years until retirement, can I make a good work situation out of my current situation to survive that long?

2. Can I be satisfied with my work situation if I can never have a impact on what will grow the company, as far as numbers?

3. Is it worth the risk to leave this company and try to find another job that will be more satisfying for the last part of my work life?  Or should I just stay where I am and collect a paycheck for the work that I do?

These are some tough questions especially for those of us who are within 10-15 years  of retirement.  I personally would have a hard time working for a company day-in-and-out that I was investing in, that was not investing in something that I thought was worthwhile.

On the other hand, jobs are so hard to find and if you had a nice job, working with nice people, but you just didn’t get much from it as far as satisfaction and value wouldn’t it be okay?

These questions can only be answered by the individual in the situation.  What might you do if faced with this situation?

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