If you are in a position at work where you are required to train others do you find it easy?  I have been training for over 24 years and there are many things that I have learned over the past two decades that have made training not only easier, but it has made the person who I am training have a better understanding of not only what they do but why they do it.

My training secrete is to make sure that the person whom I am training understands what their purpose is while performing in their position.  I have found that more times than not when people go to a new job, they are only shown their job duties and how to do them.  There is a lack of connecting the dots between the job position and the purpose of the position.

When people understand the purpose of what they do and why they do it a new window of connection happens.  They realize the bigger purpose of why they are there.  They connect with the people they serve, the product they offer, and those they work with daily.  It is not just a job, there is a real reason for their job.

This is why is it so important for business owners to have a vision that they share with the people that work for them.  The people need to know why they are there.

Great visions need to have the following:

  • They need to be clear – The people who serve the business need to be able to clearly understand the vision
  • They need to be passionate – Those that work for the business need to feel passionate about what the business provides or who it serves
  • They need to be powerful – There needs to be a strong and powerful urge to serve the vision
  • It needs to be realistic – The vision needs to be obtainable
  • It needs to be meaningful – The purpose of the vision needs to be meaningful to those who serve it.

When a business has a great vision and the people who work for them have been trained in their positions and understand, “their purpose,” then it is likely that the business will grow.  The people who support it will be grateful for their part in bringing the vision to fruition.

“Purpose is Powerful” ~ Tina