Walk Your Dreams

Several months ago a patient was in our office who had just returned from Italy.  I love Italy, it is the home of my father and I visit there at least once a year.  If I could I would live there six months out of the year it is such a beautiful country and the people are wonderful.

As this gentleman was waiting the treatment room for the doctor I went in, introduced myself and took the opportunity to practice what little Italian I know. I asked him what part of Italy he had been to.  As it turned out he had lived in Italy most of his life and he has many friends that he visits there often.  When he is in the U.S. he teaches Italian to private students.

I began telling him of my family, the passion that I have for Italy and my heritage.  I shared several stories of my visits and the excitement that I had about going back next summer to attend immersion school.

We chatted a little longer and I thanked him for the conversation and went to open the door to leave when he said “it is so wonderful to see that you are walking your dreams.”

I was taken back for a moment and had to think about what he said.  I smiled and said “thank you for saying that, it made me realize that I am doing just that.”

Since that time, when things are not going just right or I am struggling with a decision I think about it and ask myself “am I walking my dream?”  It helps me to put things in a better perspective and keep me heading on the road I wish to travel.

I wish you all a wonderful Monday!  The link below is to a great inspirational short story on pursuing your dreams.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Love the life you have imagined.”

                         ~Henry David Thoreau

Story: Keep your dream

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