The Magic Kingdom is about fun and magic.  It is every cast member’s job to make that happen with each guest encounter they have.  The average guest will have approximately 60 opportunities for these encounters with cast members during one day at the Magic Kingdom.

Cast members are trained well to “walk the talk,” which means that they do not just talk about the magic. They help create it.  It was Walt Disney’s idea that every cast member ensures the magical experience happens for each guest when they visit the Kingdom.  Cast members seek out opportunities to create those magical moments with their guests whenever they can.

The culture of the Magic Kingdom is that everyone “Walks the Talk” from accountants, to Tinkerbell.  It is the Magic that connects Disney to it’s guests and keeps them coming back.

Lesson 3: Everyone walks the talk.

  • Think about the way people at your place of employment do their jobs.  Could you adapt the “aggressively friendly” concept of Disney to your company’s environment?
  • How might you expand customer service from a department to a tradition?
  • What does “walking the talk” mean at your place of employment?
  • How could you individually do an even better job of “walking the talk” at work?
  • How would a customer’s experience be different if everyone at your work “walked the talk”?

The Magic Kingdom is a unique place.  Think about your place of work, every time a customer comes in contact with your company there is an opportunity to create value.  Take advantage of each opportunity and you can not help but create magic with your customers.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” ~ Walt Disney