On my coaching call yesterday, we were discussing the topic of “Mindset” and how we have the ability to change our mindset.  I told the listeners about a time when I was speaking at a conference on the topic of “Creating a Great Workplace Environment” and this manager came up to me afterward and thank me for the presentation and told me that she truly believed in what I was saying but that it would be impossible for her to create a great work environment.

I was all ears wanting to hear why this would be an impossible task for her as she managed the business.  She proceeded to tell me that she overheard two of the employees that work with her say something that was hurtful to her.  She did not want to talk to them and resolve the issue so instead she was making the workplace a difficult place to be by her attitude.

After explaining to her that it was her choice how she was acting and she could choose a different mindset and resolve the issues and move forward she did realize that she was holding up progress at work and making it a “not so nice place” for all of them to be.  She decided to change her mindset and discuss the situation with her boss and the two women, and they were able to work through it and get back to work, which is what the employer was paying for all along.

It is important to remember we have choices, even though they may be difficult we must choose to do what is right and our reactions will reflect it.  We are in control of our choices and actions.

Have a great Thursday!


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