Coaching a team, whether it is a work team or sports team can be difficult and rewarding and sometimes both in the same day.  Getting the players in the right positions, providing them instruction and training to carry out their position takes time and patience on the coach’s part.

Successful coaches take time to prepare.  They never approach their team without knowing where they plan to take them to.  They realize that each member individually plays an important part in the teams overall success.  They never play favorites, as this will destroy the team’s spirit and the team will fall apart.

In Don Shula and Ken Blanchard’s book “The Little Book Of Coaching” they present five secrets for coaching to have a winning team.

1. Conviction-Driven: Never compromise your beliefs.

2. Over-learning: Practice until it’s perfect.

3. Audible-Ready:  Know when to change.

4. Consistency: Respond predictably to performance.

5. Honesty-Based: Walk your talk.

In the book they teach that leaders today need to have a vision of where they are taking their team, and a set of positive beliefs to back it up.  Coaches need to continually communicate their vision as the team moves forward so that they know where they are headed.

Ken Blanchard makes the statement; “The difference between success and mediocrity is often how deep an organization’s leaders can get their vision across to inspire people to do their best.”

As a leader do you have a vision for the team you are leading?

Remember the excellent advice that King Solomon gave us on this topic; “Without a vision the people perish.”

Where is your team headed?