I was talking with the owner of a small business the other day and they expressed that they had been struggling with the question of trying to expand and grow their business or to keep things as they are.  When I asked what were their weighing factors to making the decision, they were very honest in stating that the “unknown” of whether the time, effort, and cost would be worth it if the business didn’t grow to their expected goal.

Ah… the unknown.  How often does the “unknown” stop you from trying to reach your goals?  I know that many times I have struggled with these same types of thoughts and allowed the “unknown” to stop me from ever knowing if I could have achieved something that I wanted and therefore have certain regrets.

Over the years I have learned to weigh the costs better and to take leaps where I wouldn’t have before, it is quite an amazing feeling.

I also have felt the disappointment of my leaps falling short of reaching my intended goals.  But I can say for the most part it has been more rewarding to have taken the leap than to have wondered what it would have been like had I not.  I also have used these times as lessons learned and that equals knowledge.

I read this somewhere and wrote it down, “People who value learning live richer lives than those who do not.”  

Good food for thought…