What If I Don’t Feel Like Going To Work?

As much as I would like to say that I am “Miss Smiley Face” at work everyday, there have been days that I just don’t want to be there.  Okay, I said it…. My staff is going to raise their eyebrows at me today.

I always am the one that greets everyone when they enter the office and ask how their morning is going.  My thoughts are “ if I am not up and chipper, then why should they be?”  I have always liked being the cheerleader of the group.

OMG! What would the day be like if all of us were in a grey mood?  We have people to serve and things to do.  If we fall below our normal “fantastic” selves what could happen to our business?

Even though there are those days, I do not let it show at work, unless something terrible has happened in my life.  These people who I work with day-in-and-out are special to me and are a support group.  I would share something emotionally upsetting with them.

How do I keep the “up me?”  First I think of my blessings, and then I think of those that I know that are facing struggles.  We can always find those that are worse off than us, especially if we are talking about a bad mood.

I look at myself in the mirror and do some good old self-talk.  Pump yourself up with the “today is awesome,” who’s day can I make amazing?” and “life is just too short not to enjoy each moment.”

After a few of these uplifting, self-chants I cannot help but feel better, lighter and ready to face any challenge that the day might bring.  I also get excited that my attitude can help keep my co-workers and bosses’ attitudes up also.

At times it really does not take much….

What do you do to keep the office spirit up and flying high?

Tips For Working When You Don’t Want To

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