“People do not remember what you think is important; they remember what they think is important” ~ John Maxwell

business organizationI recently went to a physical therapist for help with a leg problem and after he got my history of the issue at hand he asked me something that I thought was quite interesting.  He asked “what is it that you want to accomplish by attending physical therapy?  Do you have goals, like running a race, or hiking, what is it that you want to be able do that you cannot do now?  He knew that by knowing what was important to me to accomplish, then he would be able to come up with a better treatment protocol that I would buy into and work harder to reach and we both would accomplish what we wanted to.  He may never have heard the quote above, but he did understand that to be successful in what does is all about what is “important” to his clients.  The more I thought about this the more I realized that it really doesn’t matter what type of business you are in if you have, patients, clients, or customers you can improve the service you give by first finding out what is important to those who come to you. For example;

  • What is important to the person in your restaurant? Maybe the quality of the food, excellent service, atmosphere, friendliness, location or all of the above.
  • What is important to the clothing shopper?  Having current styles for all sizes, quality of clothing, great prices, variety of styles, accessories, easy access parking, helpful staff.
  • What is important to the patient? Ease of getting an appointment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, resolving health problem, accepting their insurance, Caring physician that listens and understands.
  • What about the automobile customer?  No hassle shopping, knowledgeable sales persons, listed prices are on vehicles, ease of financing.

“To connect with others you need to step out of “your world” and step into “their world.” (John Maxwell)  You will need to be able to link what you want to say to what others’ needs are.  You need to make sure what you are saying to them is personal.  People can tell when you are being genuinely “real” with them and not just giving them the “courtesy line.”  The key is to find out what is important to those you serve in your place of business and deliver it.  Start asking and I am sure they will be happy to let you know, because it is about them that really counts.

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