What is Your Mission Statement?


Most corporations and businesses have a mission statement posted in their lobby so those who enter can see the purpose and goals of the business. This statement also serves as reminder to all who work there to what their individual goals are to keep to the business’s purpose alive.

A mission statement identifies what the purpose of the business is. Take Google for example; “Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” I think their statement says what they do very well. I also think everyone would agree that they are on target with their mission.

If businesses have mission and vision statements to define their purpose, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we individually had a personal mission and vision statement?

I never really thought of having a personal mission statement for myself, but in a way I do have one by the way I live and what I do. I just have never put it down in writing before.

When I first pondered the idea of creating a personal mission and vision statement I didn’t think it would be very hard. Then when I actually tried putting it down on paper I began to struggle with what to write.

A mission statement should include things like; what you do best, personal goals, what success means to you, etc. It was not easy to put my thoughts on these questions into just a few words.

A vision statement is to identify the humanistic side of your mission statement, giving your mission statement life and passion. I think this is going to take much longer and a lot more thought to complete. I am excited about having this in writing as it will help me to define my purpose.

There is something about writing your statement down that makes it more real and concrete, it is almost magical.

I would like to hear from any of you who already have done this for yourself and what challenges you may have had. Has having a personal mission statement made a difference in your life? Personal thinking challenges are good for your soul and so are sharing them with others.

Happy Monday to you all!

Stephen Covey on Mission Statements

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