What Is Your Purpose At Work?

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Management personnel must realize that those that work under their supervision may want and need to know how they are doing. Not only how they are doing at their job, but they want to know what is the meaning of their work.

Stop and think about how you would feel if you came to work each day and had tasks to do, but had no idea of how what you did connected to what the company’s purpose was?

You would always leave work with a feeling of emptiness. We need to know the purpose of our efforts so that our efforts fulfill the need we have to know why we are at work.

If you are in a management position make sure that your staff have the knowledge of why they do what they do. It is important to them and it will improve their production.

Craig Neal, Founder and President, of The Heartland Institute states this very clearly;

R= Reason for being

“When people feel they are being of service to something larger than themselves, then something happens – an alchemy – that transcends logical thought and possibilities; the undoable gets done, the impossible is possible. People now want to find purpose to their lives in general and their work in particular, and there is a growing awareness that what we do all day has some bearing on ourselves as individuals, on our communities, and on our world.”

Take the time to make sure each of your employees understand and sees the big picture of why they are there and what impact their job has on the company’s purpose.

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