What standard will you set for yourself today? Everyone has the choice to choose and although you may start out with goal a in mind something may come up and change it in a moments notice.

The trick is to catch the change quickly and do what it takes to regroup, redirect and get back on the track that you originally intended.

By setting a specific standard for yourself it will be easier to get back on track when you are blown off course. The standards by which you live and conduct your business life are a part of who you are.

Businesses need to have a set standards by which they conduct business with their employees, clients and vendors. When choosing an employee or when an employee is choosing a business to work for it is important to make sure that the standards of both line up or there will be issues and conflict down the road.

When talking with people who work for companies that do not align with their personal standards you will likely hear that these people are miserable at work. They are constantly at odds with what they are expected to do, and how to do it. They are letting themselves down by not performing to their own personal standards.

As an employee or employer you need to be able to differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable standards and stand firm not succumbing to or allowing standards opposite to what is expected to take place.

Knowing that employers and employees have a great influence on the workplace each day, what is the standard that you would choose to bring to work with you today and everyday?

Maybe you are not sure, well how about this choice?

“Excellence will be the minimal standard that I bring to work and to my life each day.”

What a great choice and goal to set. Raising the bar for ourselves can be a motivating factor to our success at work and life.

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