In past generations it was very common for an employee to remain with one employer for his or her entire work life. These people were loyal to the companies that they worked for. They believed in what their company did and stood for. For this to happen today would be a rarity. Studies show that the typical person entering the workforce today can expect to change jobs at least seven times over their work lifetime and for many it will be more than that. Why do people leave their jobs instead of staying?

Of course there are many reasons people leave their jobs, but the Gallup Organization has come up with the top three;

1. Lack of faith in the leadership or vision of the company.
2. Concerns with the way employers/management are treating people.
3. Lack of employer/management support in areas of performance reviews and employee development.

We all know that if we do not have a good relationship with someone we do not want to stay around them. Work is no different. Poor relationships at work, especially if it is with an immediate supervisor, result in poor performance and commitment on the employees part and eventually they will leave, even if they love the job they are doing.

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