What To Think And Ask Before Taking Any Job

When you are in the job search arena and desperately in need of landing a job it is hard to take the time to ask the right questions to make sure when offered a position that it is the right fit for you.

Since I am on the other side of this and am the one who is doing the hiring, it is my responsibility to ask the right questions of candidates so that I can make sure the position and our practice fit with the candidates that I am considering. I have been misled a few times with excellent candidates that just need to land something until the job that really wanted comes along.

This is such a disappointment to the employer who thought they were investing in someone who wanted to become a part of their team.  It not only is a loss of time, but there is a tremendous cost to hiring, training, and then having to rehire and train again in a few months.  Not only is this costly, but it does cause a lot of stress for the employer and the employee who was biding their time while searching for their dream job.

So, if you are in the job market, I would suggest that you ask yourself a few key questions that might make you think before you take “just any job”.  Take the time to make certain that this is the job to which you are willing to commit.

  • What am I passionate about?  Do this job and workplace feed that?
  • What am I going to learn, and how am I going to contribute to the overall organization?
  • How much do I believe in their “Mission Statement” and “Culture?”
  • Do I know their real values and do they align with mine?
  • Will I be satisfied and happy with the work that I will be doing?

It is essential that you know the answers to these questions and that you are in alignment with them before you accept a position.

I am always thrilled when a potential employee asks me these types of questions during an interview as it shows me that they are committed to finding a job position that is the right one for them.  Chances are very high that if an employee finds the right job at the right place they become pretty valuable very quickly to their employer.

So, take your time, ask the right questions, and find the right job for you, which will also make the employer happy that they hired you.

Keep moving forward,



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