Have you ever thought you had hired the right employee for the job only to find out as time went by that this great employee has turned out to be not so great? Did you actually hire the wrong person for the job?  Did they do such a good job of fooling you during the interview process that you did not see their flaws?

At first they did everything correct, better than you had expected and now you cannot get them to do what is expected and when they do, it is a half-done job.  You cannot help to wonder what has happened.

Is it their fault or could it be that something has transpired since they were hired? Are you the employer or manager they had expected from the interview process? Is the job not exactly what had been promised?

These scenarios could go either way as some employees, once hired will do great just long enough to pass the probation period, gain the confidence of their employer and then begin to slack off thinking their job is secure.

On the other hand, a good employee can turn bad over time due to poor management of the company or, they become disappointed that the job they were hired for is not what they had hoped it would be.

If you have truly hired a bad seed, you usually will find this out pretty quickly, like what happened to a physician with whom I was recently working. They did all of the right things during the interview process. Checked past employment references, which now days can tell you very little (like if they were fired or that they would not hire them back).

After only three days on the job, the new hire was spending excessive time chatting with the other staff members. This was unacceptable behavior and she had been warned not to continue it.  However, in the long run it was very good, as this woman loved to gossip. She told one of the staff members that she had sued a couple of her past employers for various things and won because employers are more willing to settle than go to court.

This staff member immediately told her supervisor who went directly to the employer. To make a long story short they dismissed this employee immediately and could do so as they are in an “at will state”.

How could they ever have known what this woman was like prior to hiring her? It is tough to get much information from past employers and most references are friends.

This employer was very lucky because he had loyal employees that were looking out for him and the business’s best interests.

“Treat employees like partners and they will act like partners” ~ Fred Allen