When The Transaction Is Over


When striving to improve your customer service techniques, it is important to remember that each moment you have with a client/customer is making a lasting impression on them.

As Jeffery Gitomer says; “It is when you are done speaking with a customer or the transaction is over, that is when they start talking.”

Talking?  Talking about what?  A customer will either say something good about you, nothing about you, or something bad about you.

The best part about this is, by your words and actions YOU determine what the customer says.  (Pretty heavy stuff)

Thought-provoking questions…

1. How do you think people talk about you when you are not there?

2. What are you doing to ensure positive experiences for every customer who comes in or calls?

3. What is the word out on the street about the company you work for?

4. How many people tell you positive stories they “heard” about you or your company?

Words to think on…

Customers don’t make up stories about you or your actions…you create them.  What stories have you created?

Write down three things that you think would help your customers the most, things that you think that they would tell others about.  Put them into action with every customer you encounter each day.  You will see a difference.

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