When The Unexpected Happens

When things come up unexpectedly that cause our plans to change it can cause an unpleasant response to say the least.  Depending on the circumstance that caused the change that response could range from an inconvenience to something frightening.

No matter what the reason is it will take acceptance of it, in order to be able to move forward.  That does not mean that it will be easy nor happen quickly. Many times it takes a while to work through the process.

My Aunt Dollie has a great way of looking at situations like this that I have been trying to apply in my life which really helps with the process of acceptance.  When plans change she will say “Apparently this was not meant to be.” She will not push to try to make it happen, she will look forward with anticipation as to what will happen next.  So simple, yet so hard for most of us to do.

This has been a great lesson for me.  It helps so much to know that I cannot always expect things to happen how I want them to, and when they do not, I can look forward to see what will happen.

I was sharing this recently with a friend and they said that I give up too easy on things that I want.  I do not give up on my goals and dreams, but I do know now that they may all come about in a way that I have never ever thought of before.

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