Do you know if you asked 100 people if they would be happy at work on a Monday you would probably get a 50/50 answer between yes and no.  I am sure they would love to be happy every day at work, but Mondays can be harder because people often have a great time on the weekend and see their workday as a dread.

Promoting happiness each day at your place of work could be a challenge that you might want to take on.  Who wants to work at a place that is dull, depressing, and just plain unhappy?

We know that even when you have a job that you love, every day is not going to be great.   It is your choice on how you show up each day and whether you bring happiness and sunshine with you at work.

People in the workplace who are generally happy and have a positive attitude tend to be more productive and creative at their job. This, of course, makes pretty good sense because when you are feeling good and optimistic you are motivated in most other areas of your life.  If you are one of these happy people do you know that you actually can help those who work with you become happier every day?

Self-motivated employees are highly desired by employers, because of the many benefits that they bring with them to the workplace as a whole. People naturally gravitate toward happy people; they enjoy being around them because they make others feel good.

Here are three things that you can do to inspire a culture of happiness at your workplace.

1. Be more optimistic.

2. Offer solutions to problems.

3. Focus on getting tasks done with a smile on your face. (Smiling is infectious)

We spend one-third of our week at work, a third sleeping and a third taking care of our personal life. That is a lot of time invested at work so wouldn’t it be better if it were a happier place to be?

What is it that you can do today that would make your workday, and those that you encounter while you are at work, their day a bit better?  It probably is not much, a smile, a friendly gesture, a caring attitude.  I am sure there are many ways that you can make today awesome for yourself and those you encounter while at work!

Be well,