Co-workers can have different work styles, at times these can cause frustration, confusion and stress in the office environment.

For example you may be the type of person when you see that there is a better way of doing something you just want to do it now.

Your supervisor on the other hand may be the type that when you bring this issue to her/him, they really need to analyze it and take the time to look at all of the ways it could be done to make a decision on what way to do it best.

This absolutely drives you crazy, you feel that you could have already remedied the situation and moved on to something else.

Or suddenly your photocopy machine stopped working and you need one in order to do your daily work.  The simple solution is to go directly to the local office supply store and pick a new one up so that you do not get behind in your work.

Your boss on the other hand is the type that has to research every photocopy machine out there to make sure he/she gets the latest and greatest one and on sale!  They don’t seem to see the urgency on your part.

Seeing eye-to-eye at the workplace can be difficult as we each want everyone to see things how we do, because we think it is the best way.  This will never happen, so what is the next best thing we should do?

Learning to understand our work style differences will help us to work and get along better and when we can do that our work environment is happier.

Office Team has a great survey and free download guide called “Your Work Style in Color” which addresses the type or style of work person you are.  Why not get your work team to also take the survey so you all can see the differences you have and possible ways to learn to work better together.

Understanding each other better is an important key in making our work relationships better.  Follow the link below and see what color you are.

Your Work Style In Color