When You Don’t Fit In At Work

Workplace culture can be quite interesting.  You may fit in very well, or you may not.  Then there are some who do not want to fit in no matter what.

What happens if you like your job, but don’t fit in with the culture?

Maybe the workplace culture is pretty chummy, and co-workers go out of their way to “click” with each other because “belonging” feels so good.

You on the other hand, do not have the need to belong.  You have your own group of close friends and are very happy with your life the way it is.

It is not that you do not like the people you are working with, it is just that you really do not desire to experience the closeness with them.

Whatever the reason may be, you just don’t fit in with them.   Even though you work together 40+ hours a week, walk and talk the same workplace language, you feel different.

There are those that have a hard time when “everyone” on the team is not on the same social and workplace cultural playing field.  It is important if you feel that being a “workplace groupie” is not for you, that you let the others know.

Let your co-workers know why you feel differently, and that it is okay.  You enjoy them as co-workers, will always have their back and will do your job to the best of your abilities.

If you let the people you work with know where you are coming from then they will have a better understanding of who you are.

Fitting in can be difficult when you don’t really want to fit in so closely.  Be honest and upfront.  The article below has a few good tips about not fitting in with your workplace culture.

If this is how you feel or have felt, please share how you handled it at work with your co-workers.


What Do You Do When You Don’t Fit In?

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