We have just hired a new employee at our practice. She is just what the “doctor” ordered (appropriate, I work in a medical office).

Actually, she was the only person that I interviewed for the position, which I am sure you may find unusual, but I will tell you why.

When I place an ad for a position I give detailed instructions for the candidates to follow when submitting a resume. There are three main steps. Send a reply email and in the subject line put “I am the best person for the job.”

I tell them to write a cover letter telling me why they are the best person for the job and then attached a separate PDF file with their resume. In the ad I let them know that no resume will be looked at if the first two steps are not followed. It amazes me how few resumes I get that follow the instructions.

This young woman followed every step perfectly letting me know why she was the person for the job and then when I read her resume she had 7 years experience working with Starbucks before getting her MA certification.

Seven years of customer service, how awesome is that?  I have read enough about the Starbucks culture and knew after seven years, she must live that culture.  I had a hard time on the phone interview not hiring her sight unseen, she had the culture down.  I could tell this was who she was and that she would fit in at our office perfectly.

She has been working for four days now and I cannot tell you how great it has been to have her. She is just the right person for our practice. I can pretty much teach anyone how to do the job tasks at our office, but I cannot teach them to have the right attitude.

It is important before hiring an employee that you first make a list of the qualities that you want in an employee and then only hire one who fits perfectly. The following are four of the important qualities I look for in an employee.

  1.  Be generous – The heart of selflessness is generosity, it brings people together and advances and enhances team efforts.  If each team member is willing to give themselves generously to the team as a whole, it will be successful.
  2.  Avoid Internal Politics – One of the worst forms of selfishness can be seen when one team member positions themselves for their own benefit regardless of how it might damage the team (playing for themselves).  Good team players worry about the benefit of their teammates more than they do of themselves.
  3.  Display loyalty – If you show loyalty to the people on your team, they will respond with loyalty.  One for all, and all for one!
  4.  Promote someone other than yourself – Find positive things to say about your teammate’s actions, accomplishments and qualities and talk them up.  Everyone appreciates when his or her efforts are noticed and acknowledged.

There are several more qualities on my list, but these four are at the top. If an employee has these qualities, they most likely will have the rest of qualities that I look for.

What qualities are on your list for hiring an employee?