Recently I was doing a workshop for a medical clinic and we had a discussion about customer service.  During the discussion a question was brought up by the Medical Director, who asked “who is our customer?”

What a great question I thought.  Many times we think the people we serve that pay money for either product or service are our customers.  However, there are other people we serve everyday that could be considered customers also.

Here is just a small list of who your other customers may be;

1. Your co-worker who depends on you to get your job done so they may complete their job.

2. Your co-worker who needs your help with a problem.

3. Your co-workers who depend on you everyday to be at work so things run efficiently.  When a co-worker is out it make the day harder for everyone.

4. Your immediate supervisor who counts on your expertise and professionalism to take care of the tasks assigned to you.

5. The business owner who depends on you as part of the team to make their business productive and profitable.

It would seem that anyone that we serve at work is our customer and should be treated with the same respect and enthusiasm as our paying customers.

Think about how you greet your customers, how you try your best to satisfy their needs and wants.  The same service should be given to your co-worker in the next cubical or the maintenance person in the building.

It is often said that we should treat our customers as if they were our mother, father or grandparent.  We need to take the time to care and give them the best service possible.

Better yet how would we want others to treat our family members if they came to our place of employment? Of course we would want them to receive “Red Carpet Treatment.”

We should be serving our internal customers with whom we work each day this very way.  Ask yourself this question; “If you treat your co-workers tomorrow how you would treat one of your favorite family members, if they came into your place of business, would they notice a difference?” 

Would your workplace be different if everyone did this?