Not too long ago a colleague sent me a link to an article on the Forbes website called “Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail to Keep Their Best Talent.”

As I read through the 10 reasons I clearly understood that the reasons they gave not only applied to large companies, but they equally applied to the small business as well.  A few of the reasons definitely caught my eye.

Doing the best to keep your staff happy and engaged with their career in a small company can be difficult, as many times there is no “moving up the corporate ladder” so it takes thought and creativity to make they want to stay.

Looking at the Forbes list you will see that it also takes the effort to continually try to keep employees engaged and excited about what they are doing.

Searching for more efficient work processes and building a better business along with your team should always be in the forefront of your daily mission in the workplace.

Here are  6 of the top 10 reasons that large companies fail to keep their best talent.  The link below is to the article in full, which is definitely worth reading and pondering how you might improve your workplace.

1. Lack of accountability or failing to tell your employees how to do their job.

2. Missing the vision.  Are you the employer missing it or are you failing to pass it on to your employees?

3. Lack of open-mindedness.  As the employer do you alone have all of the right answers in how things should be done?  Do you allow input from your employees who may have great ways to add to productivity.

4. Failing to find a project  for your employees’ talents that ignites their passion.

5. Poor employee reviews (that is if you give them at all)  How do your employees know how they are doing?

6. No offer of career development.  Do you take staff to seminars? Or offer to finance further educational classes or certifications so that they can enhance what they do on the job?

These are just six of the ten listed and they were enough to get me thinking about what I need to do to keep my employees happy and engaged.  There are always more things that we can do to make our workplace a better one for us, our employees and those we serve.  Time to put on the thinking cap and come up with as many reasons as you and your team can!

We would appreciate knowing what ideas you came up with to share with others so please feel free to post below.

Top Reasons For Losing Employees