Working With A Control Freak


One of the worse personalities types to work for, or with, is a control freak.  If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about. You never can do anything correctly, unless it is their way.

Many employers think that having a control freak in a management position will keep things under control.  Actually, just the opposite is  true.

Control freak managers waste more time trying to control everything than they do being productive at their job.  They not only waste their time, but the time of everyone they manage. The business actually becomes less productive and efficient with them in control.

Why must they be so controlling?  Here are a few reasons I found:

1. They are perfectionist – no one can do it better than they can.

2. They have the need to feel superior – they have to dominate others.

3. They have real fear that if they are not in control, someone will control them.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D., clinical psychologist at Pacific Coast Recovery in Laguna Beach, Calif. states, “Surprisingly, control freaks act out of fear. They live with fear and insecurity and an illusion that they can have control over other people or that they can attain perfectionism, but it’s really not possible,” They are fooling themselves and no one else.

Working with someone who is controlling is difficult at best. The articles linked below offer insight and excellent advice on this topic.

The first article will let you know if you are considered a controlling person and the second article has great advice to help you get it under control and let it go.

You can be sure that no one wants to work with a control freak.  If you are one, seek help so  you can  get yourself under control.

8 signs you are a control freak

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